Practical Electronics for Beginners

This is a practical, hands-on, lightweight approach to learning electronics.
Participants will use an Aduino board in simple circuits and program behaviors using models in Processing, a language similar to the C programming language. They will implement logical instructions that create electrical responses and subsequent visual physical responses. **This is not a comprehensive C programming class.**

Simple, single component circuits will be assembled and programmed, providing a foundation for other exploration.

Section 1: 1/ Simple LEDs – Digital and analog output. 2/Button presses.
Section 2: 3/ Programming a light sensor 4/ Motors or Variable Resistors

***Must bring own laptop*** Limited # of shared laptops available. Limited Capacity
Note: Participants will have access to the SparkFun Inventors Kits during class as well as tools and test equipment. A personal Kit may be purchased anytime for an additional cost.

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