The Pike Stories

This section can be called Historic Long Beach… or My Long Beach. It draws on the fact that as little as 100 or 120 years ago, Long Beach was just a tiny town of a few folks and a gorgeous beach. Between then and now, much has happened, including the growth of amusement zones and amusement parks.

The Pike Stories started as a comic book project about the Pike. That project is still ongoing, and is gathering steam. (ha ha) We have published a book “Long Beach Pike in the 1930s and 1940s” and are working to publish activity books themed around the Pike and historic Long Beach. We have made a LEGO Shoreline Village. We are working on The Pike GBC.

The goal of this project is engagement. Everyone can visit the Pike, everyone has a memory or story of Long Beach. Moreover, these amusement zones existed all over the world, and we are working to tie them together through the stories we create. Specifically, we are working on Great Yarmouth, in the U.K. with a young Maker who lives nearby.