Thomas Messerschmidt

Thomas Messerschmidt is a Maker who spends much time working in the area of robotics and artificial intelligence. Thomas is a friend and colleague from the Robotics Society of Southern California.

Thomas has worked with us on the first prototypes for the donation robot project, specifically, Versions 1 and 1.

Donation Robot Version 1

The Donation Robot Version 1 used the Hummingbird Bit expansion board for the Microbit. It was robot was presented at the Makersville and Makersville Services STEAM Party and Micro Carnival.

Donation Robot Version 2

The Donation Robot Version 2 used the ELECFREAKS microbit Wukong Expansion Board Adapter for microbit instead of the Hummingbird Bit expansion board.

The Donation Robot Version 2 was supported in part by a grant from the Arts Council for Long Beach.