Makerspace Manager and Brand Developer

Job TitleMakerspace Manager and Maker Brand Developer (Part Time)
LocationLong Beach, CA and other Makerspaces in Southern California
In person traveling position, with some possibility for occasional remote as work permits. Some occasional National and International travel anticipated.
Attention Grabbing First ParagraphWhat do you make? Find your audience and develop our, your and the personal brands of Makers of all ages (including accompanied children) in our space, and the spaces of our partner organizations. We implement a learn-to-share-and-teach philosophy, and encourage you to learn new Maker skills.
Job DescriptionSupport our Makerspace at Shoreline Village in Long Beach and travel to other Makerspaces and events in the Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County area to present creative and STEAM activities we together prepare. Heavy emphasis on building with LEGO(r) bricks, sewing, 3D printing, Rube Goldberg contraptions, mechanics, robotics, and basic image and video editing. Support Makers in the space through creative problem solving, hands-on instruction and instruction in brand development and social media. Develop our Makersville brand through instructional videos and blog posts you create with our Makers. Identify ways to monetize the Maker Space and the accomplishments of the space. Write grants with and for the Makers in the Makerspaces we support and collaborating non-profit organizations. Manage the grant execution and reporting, including budget management and reconciliation. Instruct others in grant-writing. Manage all aspects of a traveling Makerspace, including driving to locations, load in-load out.
Attend Maker Faires, local events, and events in other states and countries.
Work with our International Event Manager to design activities and themes for events we host and attend locally and internationally. Gather volunteers to support you in the Makerspace and at events, high school and up.
Job Requirements-Appreciates the value of hands-on learning (Making) and the Maker movement (which advocates for hands-on learning)
-Understands the value of the Maker Mindset (lifelong learning through following interests, open ended learning)
-Develops learning and sharing materials in blog or video format or both (an existing profile of sharing skills is an asset)
-Makes presentations to audiences at meetings, trainings and events of various sizes.
-Promote the Makersville Brand and the brands and accomplishments of themselves and those in the Makerspace
-Trained in Creative Problem Solving (4 years preferred)
-Trained in LEGO(r) Serious Play (formal training by a Master Trainer preferred)
-Demonstrated skills in one or more of our focus areas, particularly through personal projects: LEGO bricks, sewing, robotics (with LEGO, the Arduino, MicroBit and other micro processors), contraptions (particularly in the Rube Goldberg), 3D printing.
-Demonstrated use of open source and free image and video editors.
-Demonstrated flexibility in thought
-Demonstrated patience with those who are working in our space
-Demonstrated ability to nudge learning along and transition learning goals through play
-Willingness and ability to personally participate in booth setup and management, and to find ways to keep a presentable Maker space.
-Demonstrated ability to learn through viewing of internet resources.
-Maintains a safe environment for the space and individuals in the space
-Able to plan long range and near term to execute a shared vision we create
-Trained in the purposes, communities and methods of our collaborating organizations.
-Content must be family friendly and individual able to pass background checks (DOJ, FBI)

-Must have accomplished 144 hours of education, in one or more of the following educational goals:
Meeting and Event Manager Cert (CSULB)
Digital Marketing (CSULB)
Global Logistics Manager (CSULB)

Foundations of Entrepreneurship Certificate (LBCC-12 units)
or Foundations of Business Certificate (LBCC-12-14 units)
Certificate in Digital and Social Media (LBCC-9 units)
Front End Web Developer Certificate (LBCC-19 units) or Web Development Full Stack Certificate of Achievement (LBCC 31 units)

– Springboard training in Creative Problem Solving (ETES Inc. 24 hours)
– Young Ambassadors training provided by Sister Cities(LBQA-24 hours)

Ideally, at least one of (negotiable)
Fashion Design – Industrial Sewing and Factory Production Methods (LBCC-234 hours)
Computer Aided Design – Mechanical – Certificate of Achievement (LBCC-20 units)
Computer Science Certificate of Achievement (LBCC 32 units – Python)
Android App Developer Certificate of Achievement (LBCC 6 units- Python)
About Us Section Started in 2012, Makersville is part of the ETES Inc. family. We have thrice supported International events in robotics and have a vision of creating multi-national teams that work together to develop projects. We find and create shared purpose with other for profit and non profit agencies.

We have a shared mission with Makersville Services (our 501c3 sister).

The specific purpose of Makersville is primarily, through play and discovery, to create and share inclusive, practical skills learning experiences that develop confidence and independence (the Maker and entrepreneurial mindsets), including hands-on training, product prototyping, problem solving, inventing, activity and event management and practical entrepreneurship challenges.
Salary and Benefits$18.78 – $40 per hour based on experience.
How To Apply Email info at with your resume and experience.