Squigglemom, Trish Tsoiasue

Trish Tsoiasue is the main Maker behind Makersville. She supports others in their making, and makes things of her own. She seeks to create an inclusive skills learning environment and a learn to share and teach mindset. She believes that this helps the Maker to keep going, and therefore results in a desire for lifelong learning. Trish did not create this, she has adopted and advocates for the Maker Mindset.

  • Learn, from others in the Makersville and the greater Maker community.
  • Learn, by following your play and interest, whether it is traditional or non traditional.
  • Share in person at Sidewalk Spaces, STEAM Parties and Carnivals, School and Traditional Maker Faires.
  • Share on blogs and in videos Makers create individually or with others.
  • Teach by designing and delivering classes in topics of your interest, and making curriculum (like maker sharing videos, but with increasingly better production value.)

What Trish Makes

Trish sews, makes activity books, has published a book with Paul Miranda, 94 years old at the time of publication, and creates ideas for shared projects that develop Maker skills, support Makers and brings together different Maker interests.

Currently she is working to build – one year at a time – an inventory of Maker projects themed around the Lunar Calendar. To date, she has made tigers and bunnies and is currently working on dragons.

Mask Making