Brian Heins

We were pleased to host Brian Heins several times here in Long Beach. Brian is a Master Model Builder, a title he earned from his work at LEGOLAND, California. He also has contributed to models for a number of companies, including video and for LEGOLAND parks around the world.

Bringing the Carnival to our October 7th STEAM Party and Carnival

Brian took the Carnival theme and led several groups of builders through a micro-carnival build. We got an amazing number of cool carnival booths! Those models are preserved (as best we can) for the next carnival we host!

Many thanks to the Arts Council for Long Beach for partial sponsorship of Brian’s presence at our event!

Sort Like a Master Model Builder!

Everyone asks – How do you sort your bricks? It’s a thing!

Brian hosted several master builder sort sessions at the studio, in Fall 2023, where he showed us how to make sense out of a giant box of parts. Many thanks to those who donated LEGO for the sort.

We will continue to do sort events through the upcoming year and for our special events.

Holiday Ornament

Challenged with the task to create an ornament in LEGO bricks, Brian designed the American Coot in LEGO bricks ornament, and delivered a Master Builder Sort and American Coot ornament making session in December, 2023. It’s so cute! We will use this design again in 2024. Wait for it! Who knows? We might have another!