Lunar New Year Calendar Art Book

How is Lunar New Year celebrated where you live? We want to know!  If you’re between 11-18 years old, send us a photograph of your drawing or painting or write about it.  Your art may be included in our Lunar New Year Artbook! Scroll down for details

In 2024 the Long Beach – Qingdao Association (LBQA – a Sister City of Long Beach) is creating an art book with contributions from young artists in Qingdao, China and Long Beach, California. Makersville and Makersville Services are providing project development support for the development of the artbook.


The Long Beach Qingdao Association (LBQA) aims to foster cultural exchange, economic cooperation and diplomatic ties between the cities of Long Beach, California and Qingdao, China. Established in 1985, this partnership has flourished, facilitating collaboration in various sectors such as trade, education, tourism and environmental sustainability. Through mutual understanding and collaboration, the Association seeks to strengthen people-to-people connections and promote peace and prosperity between the two cities and their respective countries. With a focus on shared values and mutual respect, the LBQA strives to create lasting friendships and opportunities for growth and development on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

On January 29, 2025, the world will celebrate the lunar calendar new year. As part of this celebration, our association is creating a 2025 Lunar Calendar New Year ArtBook with artworks of students from junior and senior high schools from both the city of Long Beach and the City of Qingdao. The theme is the celebration of the Lunar Calendar New Year in the respective city of the artist.

To assist us, we invite you to please submit images of your visual or literary works of art via email to Vivian Wenhuey Chen and Trish Tsoiasue (for Long Beach). Please only send high-resolution images (300 DPI or larger) and short works of poetry appropriate for publication of such book.

Attached is an artwork submission form. By submitting the artwork, the artist certifies that they are the owner of the works and grants the LBQA permission to show case the works online, in physical exhibit, publications, or in any fashion the LBQA and its project management collaborators sees appropriate to foster its mission.

Any questions regarding this project, please contact Trish and Vivian at

Timeline (Important Dates)

The timeline is subject to change

June 1st 2024 – Identify Coordinators

July 1st 2024 – Call to artists

October 1st 2024 – Submissions due

November 15th 2024 – Display of Art Work at the LBQA annual luncheon and announcement of winners

December 15th 2024 – Going to Print

January 29th 2025 – Art Book Launch

Submission Form (file is below)

Long Beach – Qingdao Association (a Sister City of Long Beach) 

2025 Lunar Calendar New Year ArtBook

Artwork Submission Form

Please complete the following form for the images you submit. The theme of the artwork shall be the Lunar New Year celebration of your city
Name to displayed in bookEmail AddressWebsiteTelephone Number (will not be displayed)Mailing Address
(will not be displayed)
File NameArtwork NameMedia Size in inches or cmYear Created

* Please note:

Artwork Details: Provide the name of the piece, the media used to create the work, the size of the work, and the year created.

  • Example: 3 Flowers, Digital Photography, 12” x 5”, 2023

Image File Size: Submit publication-quality images only, 300 dpi, no less than 2500 pixels in width, nor less than 3500 pixels in height.

The Artist hereby certifies that the artwork submitted is the artist’s original work. The artist also hereby grants Long Beach-Qingdao Association and its project management collaborators permission to showcase the works online, in physical exhibits , or in any fashion the LBQA sees appropriate to foster its mission.

                                                                                                               ________________________________________ ________________________________________

Artist Signature Artist Parent Signature (if artist under 18)


________________________________________ ________________________________________

Artist Name Artist Parent Name (if artist under 18)



Please send this file and artworks