Donation Robot Competition

Competition Requirements

  • May use any controller, but special category for the Microbit Microcontroller.
  • Movement is triggered by a coin or bill acceptor (does not have to be professional)
  • Due date is December 9th at a robotics meeting at CSULB in Long Beach (tbd) with opportunity for showcase on Dec 16th, 2024 at 419 Shoreline Village Drive, Suite Q (downtown LB)

Examples of Donation Robots (click image to see video)

Simple concept. Donation robot with hacked coin acceptor that uses the Hummingbird Bit.

Donation Robot using a hacked piggy bank toy.

Donation Robot (SantaBot) using an EV3 and a ‘bill acceptor’ created with an ir sensor, a motor and wheels. All done in LEGO by an enthusiastic first grader/inventor. See about 4:00 for the demonstration of how it works. Start from the beginning for the design process.

More Information: Email Phone 562-225-9589

Need Equipment?

Build onsite with us on selected days.


$25 gift cards in categories < 11 years of age, 12+ years of age, 18+.