About Us


We are often asked “What is Makersville?”  Our makers will all admit that it’s hard to pin us down.  here’s why –   Makersville is an inclusive, continuously evolving grassroots community that empowers all in its circle through sharing of information, tools, equipment, effort and space. We strive to be socially responsible, and substantially invoke the methods and principles of the Maker Movement and are beginning to invoke the methods of the Creative Problem Solving Institute, the mother organization that began the study of intentional creativity over 50 years ago.




Each Maker in our group makes his/her own choices.  What he/she wants to do, teach, learn.  We are experiential and playful.  As with any play based, experiential learning approach, we encourage much time and many cycles of learning.  Each cycle will enable your child to grow in a way that reinforces his/her knowledge base, as she/he puts away experiences that s/he will draw on later at unexpected times.   Yes, we often make mistakes.  We call them learning opportunities, and we teach your child that mistakes are necessary to learning.

Our offerings take the form of customized and customizable workshops, classes, camps and special events for all age groups.  Our makers are artists, engineers, teachers, moms, dads, kids.

Join our group and share what you make, or learn from our Makers!

Some Things We have Done

Homeschool classes with Homeschool partner GEE!

ScoutMaker and STEMPath programs with the Long Beach Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America

Special Event 2×4 Day at the Long Beach Sea Base

Special Event Communications Day at the Long Beach Sea Base

Special Event National Robotics Week with Shared Science and the Robotics Society of Southern California

World Robot Olympiad So Cal Qualifier Summer Camp with Jim Thorpe Fundamental School

ScoutMaker program at Lincoln Elementary School