LBAFOL Summer LEGO Build Challenge 2013 Rules

LEGO fans of all ages are invited to compete in the Long Beach Adult Fans of LEGO® group’s Summer LEGO Build Challenge.

The Summer LEGO® Build Challenge is an online LEGO® build contest supported by physical build sessions at various locations. Twice during the summer, the challenge will be announced. There are two components to the challenge:

a/ LEGO pieces that may be used in your creation will be announced
b/ Build Theme

Prizes Categories
Two prizes will be awarded for each online contest.  Eligible age groups are:

  • Youngers (ages 6-12)
  • Not As Young As Youngers (Over 12)

Who Can Compete?
This contest is open to any U.S. Residents living in the the United States.

The winner will receive one of the sets pictured. The specific set received will be randomly awarded by the judges. The set will be identified after the judging has taken place.
Thanks to The LEGO Group’s Community Outreach Kevin Hinkle for his assistance with obtaining prizes for this contest.

How to Enter

Entries are made by uploading to the flickr group created for this contest:  LBAFOL – LEGO Build Contest, Summer 2013.

Contest rules

  • All contestants must obtain their own LEGO® bricks for use in their creations, except at in-person builds, when an array of LEGO bricks will be provided to a group for use. 
  • In person builds will be held by the LBAFOL organizers at the following locations.  Scheduled events will be announced on the website. 
  • Locations: The Cultural Alliance Long Beach, The Long Beach Sea Base and Aquatics Center, Great Educational Experiences, The Comic Bug Manhattan Beach.
  • Bricks once used at in-person builds will be broken apart for use by another after photographs are taken for entry.   It is the responsibility of the entrant, to ensure that his/her entry photos are submitted.
  • Specific bricks that may be used for each contest will be announced at the beginning of each contest period.  Only the bricks identified may be used in the challenge.
  • High-resolution Photographs of the creation from all four sides, top and bottom must be submitted as part of the entry.
  • Only genuine LEGO® bricks, elements, and pieces may be used. You may use elements from LEGO® kits as a part of your creation.
  • All entries must be original creations.
  • Each contestant may only enter one creation per contest period, but contestants may enter all contests period.
  • Contestants who have won a prize in the current year challenge will be determined ineligible for other prizes.
  • Creations may not exceed 12″x12″x12″.
  • All entries must be submitted electronically to the Flicker group established for the contest.
  • All participants in the 12 and under category must have permission of parents or guardians to participate and win in this contest.
  • Images submitted to the Flickr group may be reused in print and online media including (but not restricted to) the Squigglemom YouTube channel, the and communications and in promotional releases to the media. By entering this contest you are providing permission to the LBAFOL contest organizers to use images of your work in these and other environments as they deem appropriate.
  • Judging dates are approximate, but contest entry dates are absolute.
  • In the event that a prize winner can not be contacted within 2 weeks, another winner will be selected.

The panel of judges will choose the winners. The decision of the judges is final.

June 21, 2013: Contest Period 1 announced.

July 19, 2013: Contest Period 1 closes.

July 19, 2013 (approximately): Contest Period 2 announced.

July 30, 2013 (approximately): Contest Period 1 Winner Announced

August 16, 2013: Contest Period 2 closes.

August 17, 2013: Orange County Mini Makerfaire LBAFOL presentation – 3 prizes will be awarded in on-site build competitions.

August 23, 2013 (approximately): Contest Period 2 winner announced.

No liability is assumed by the Long Beach Adult Fans of LEGO (LBAFOL) club, its judges, hosting site or other organizations involved in this contest.  This contest is a community outreach component of the club activities.

Trish Tsoiasue, LBAFOL Member