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This Summer, we will do many things in this one-of-a-kind, a-la-carte S.T.E.A.M. virtual and in-person program with an all-inclusive price.


Students participate in any and all of our virtual activities all summer for a low, materials-included price of $150. *Includes one family visit to the studio by arrangement. Can’t afford $150? Participate in our free activities or a-la-carte or ask us for help with fees.

Students participate in one or more of our a-la-carte programs and either provide their own materials or purchase kits from us. (pick up and delivery options).

Additional In person and remote events will be added.


TAKE A TOUR – All Ages All Summer Self-guided Family Walking Tour $10-$20

Current version is $10 to participate, includes current tour / activity booklet and a little owl or lighthouse kit at the end.

August 2021 Version  is $20 and includes the Ferris Wheel Inspiration Kit and experience at the end.

MAKE A TOUR AND ACTIVITY BOOK – 2nd-8th grades (and their Families) July 5-July 30th $50

Drop in Mondays, 1PM-3PM for $5. Materials separate  ($10 and $20 for tours)

Separate age appropriate activities. Join us for 4 sessions.

We will make and test activities themed around the historic Pike and update a tour book that we will publish in August, 2021. This tour book will develop the first tour book that we created this Spring. To see that book, please watch the video when it is available. Some elements from the Tour and Activity Book may be used in the Comic Book.

Includes BOTH current tour book and reward and future tour book and kit.

MAKE A COMIC BOOK – Ages 16 and up (August 1st to August 30th) $150 (includes $50 materials)

Join our teams August 20, 21, 22 for a 3 day intensive. No a la carte pricing.

Together with the Atomic Basement Entertainment, we will create a comic book that we will publish in fall, 2021. The comic book will contain a tour around the historic Long Beach Pike. It will tell of amusements at the historic Pike, and just a few stories about a few of those amusements. We will create drawings, find facts, and old photos, and create characters and fictional stories that include those amusements so we can tell our stories. The comic book will also contain a mini-Pike tour that we will evolve, activities like word searches, mazes, spot the difference drawings quizzes, how-to-draw pages, crossword puzzles, connect the name to the photo and other activities in this one of a kind souvenir.



Join our Club, purchase the starter kit, and be inspired to work on the Ferris Wheel project or a project of your own.


In this work group we will together learn the Spark AR platform and create our entry for the AR competition. Then let’s apply it to our comic book!

Our team is limited to 8 participants.

JOIN OUR VIDEO MAKING / YOUTUBER COLLAB – Ages 13+, or Parents with family channels.

Leaders will guide you through setting up your YouTube channel, editing your videos and share their experiences in YouTube, share how hey make videos, and work on YouTuber challenges that will help you to find your personal style.

Below are some of the videos our collab made for a project last year. Want to see all 20 vids? 


About our Calendar: Some events are hosted by our connected Makers, some are hosted by Makersville. Some classese are free, and some have materials and/or class fees. Many offer scholarships and we encourage you to register or request information about our scholarships!


Our feature STEAM class series.



All clubs are just $5 per session. Scholarships are provided as needed. We welcome your donations!



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