Squigglemom Projects

The Selfie Project

Lil Trish-head-bw3

This is my best so far.  In truth, my image is not a selfie.  It was drawn by my husband, Don Schmidt who creates comics in his spare time.

The project is this:  Find lots of folks to be inspired through an image of themselves.  The folks leverage their connection to themselves to explore a number of creative and technical environments.  Folks share their learning explorations with others through photographs on social media and a number of hashtags.  #Makersville, #SelfieProject, #Squigglemom

Will you play the Selfie Project Game with me?


What I learned:

Layering to create a tracing in Gimp.

Thermofax Silkscreening a Tshirt.

Vector image tracing and conversion of a .png to a .svg

3D printing a stamp of the vector image.

Using the stamp on fabric.

Making a clay version of the selfie.

Other Projects

The Makersville Project

A socially responsible community of Makers, in a constant state of definition and re-definition.

The Community Lemonade Game

A personal challenge to do 100 days of seeking out and writing about creatives and creative opportunities, documented through blogs on the Belmont Shore Patch.


The Very Large, 50+ Image Embroidered Quilt

A project with a certain 4th grade class, one of my first projects with some serious collaboration.