Summer Program 2019

Week at a Time or Take the Entire Program!

July 1 – August 3rd!

We’re preparing for the World Robot Olympiad, and we want you to join us!

We’re hosting students from China, Trinidad and Tobago and the USA!

At our Brickersville location! 429 Shoreline Village Drive, Suite 419-Q!

For Brickersville reservations, please visit our store!

See our experiments with Computer Vision!

Staycation at Shoreline Village Suite 419-Q (Above Pirate’s Cove) (Directions and Parking Info)

Full Day and Half Day Programs!  Our summer will be spent building a progressive Smart City and populating it with ourselves! We’ll equip robots with cameras and navigate around the city to record video then we will process the video.  July Week at a time options.

We’ll be preparing and planning for our Multi-National (China, Trinidad & Tobago, USA) Inventing, Robotics and Entrepreneurship Program at Cal-State University, Long Beach!  Can it get any better?  SMART CITIES!  July 29-August 3.

Mixed ages 6-14.

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