2019 will mark the first year that Makersville cooperates in the award of scholarships!

We have a number of scholarships for our programs, for which you can apply. Also, don’t forget our Funraising and Entrepreneurship opportunities!

#1/ Smart City Content

All students can help us to create our Smart City program!  We are looking for anyone who would like to present a craft, activity, software component, building technique that can be used as a building block in creating our city, a Smart City.

For those entering middle and high school, presentations should include

the physical project or activity/craft

one or more of the following:

  • a powerpoint presentation.
  • a handout with all references to materials, equipment, and software necessary to reconstruct the experiment.
  • a video about the project.
  • A blog post or web page that shares the project.
  • Internet-available projects may be replicated, so long as the original licensing permits its use and the original project pages are sited.



  • Ages 6-18 can apply.
  • Selected winners must present a 1 hour activity or share a project in the Parade of Makers at Shoreline Village which will run from July 1st to August 2nd.
  • All materials presented should be family friendly for ages 6-99 and respectful (no violence, smoking, alcohol).
  • Activities should be able to be presented in a classroom/office/workroom environment.
  • Presenters under the age of 13 should be assisted by a responsible adult.
  • Activity can be a craft, piece of software, technique in robotics, LEGO Building (creative or technical).
  • Extra preference is given to activities that are hands-on for the participants.
  • Extra preference is given to activities that include software and hardware solutions that advance the knowledge of the audience in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Extra preference is given to activities and projects that advance strategies using LEGO building, robots, parts.
  • Extra preference is given to demonstrations that can be used as building blocks for our Smart City.
  • Extra preference is given to participants that include a slide on the applicability of the demonstration to the World Robot Olympiad 2019 requirements.

#2/ Scholarships for any registration that includes our International Week