Engineering Tutoring

We have a wide range of college students, graduates and moms/dads with time to support your child through tutoring. We offer homework help, Arduino projects, basic electronics, robotics and project support.

We have mentored teams in FIRST LEGO League, and the World Robot Olympiad.

We are able to support multiple youth in the same session, for a small additional per hour cost.

Please contact us at or call Trish at 562-225-9589.


Our classes are oriented toward STEAM learning and based on the subject of the historic Pike.

We specifically have as a key project, the Great Ball Contraption which works to create amusement park rides in LEGO, and to connect them with balls that travel from one ride to the next, as visitors to the amusement zone might have done.


Our clubs are Programming, Maker, Minecraft and International. All of our clubs will navigate towards STEAM learning which will include Science. Visit our Clubs page for more information.