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Building Blocks Competition and Scholarship

The Summer 2019 Theme is Smart Cities

Makersville is preparing to host students from China, the Philippines and Trinidad in a Multi-National Inventing and Robotics competition and seeks help from middle and high school students in creating Building Blocks of Knowledge that can be used in its preparation of students from the USA.  Preparation classes and camps will be held at Makersville’s new space, Brickersville, and at California State University, Long Beach.  Classes begin on July 1st and the competition will be held on  August 3rd.

The Competition is the World Robot Olympiad and more information can be found at

This year’s theme is Smart Cities.

About the Building Blocks Competition

Individual and teams of up to two youth and their mentors are invited to visualize and prepare to demonstrate a building block of knowledge.

About the Building Blocks Scholarship

The Value of the scholarship is $1,000.


The Scholarship is open to any student residing within 100 miles of Long Beach, CA and who will be attending a US middle or high school or be a freshman in college in the fall, 2019.

Application Steps

  1. Your building block can be a project you believe can be used to solve a Smart City problem, or it can be an entire solution you create.
  2. Complete an application and attach a 1-3 page description of the Building Block of Knowledge you wish to present. Include links and videos if you have any.  Your building block can be something you care to learn.  No prior knowledge of your presentation material is needed.
  3. Email application to Applications will be accepted as long as there are unfilled slots in the parade.


Our Response to Your Application

If you are a finalist in the competition, you will be notified shortly after we receive your entry.

You will have free access to Brickersville during selected hours as you prepare your competition entry.

Finalists are required to prepare for and deliver instruction on their Building Block of Knowledge in a 1-2 hour timeframe on an arranged day at the Parade of Makers during July 1st-August 2nd.  The time for your presentation will be between 4-6 PM.


No prior knowledge required to apply.  You may simply state what you want to do and how you will prepare for your presentation.

Parents are encouraged to assist youth in their preparation and delivery, but the delivery should at least 50% be made by the youth.

Your presentation may vary from your submission.  You are encouraged to update us regularly about your progress by sending emails including links to your social media posts, blogs, and videos that you share about your progress.

All presentations must be made in-person.

Entrants may simply plan on demonstrating another individual’s published work, so long as credit to the source is made in the application and in the presentation.  As their presentation progresses, entrants are encouraged to extend their learning and adjust their presentation goals.

Examples of building blocks

-Demonstration of a building technique in LEGO bricks.

-Demonstration of construction of a house out of fabric or paper.

-Demonstration of code that can identify a face in a photo.

-Demonstration of code that can recognize a face in a photo.

-Demonstration of code that can read a license plate in a photo.

-Demonstration of code that can recognize shapes in a photo.

-Demonstration of code that can identify a certain type of building.

-Demonstration of a robot that can navigate a line.

-Demonstration of a mechanism that can be used to record video while being carried by a small robot.

-Demonstration of a mechanism to hold a video recording device steady as it is transported through our Smart City.

-Demonstration of a robotic car using vision processing for navigation.

-Demonstration of the use of AI tools by IBM, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc (e.g. Watson, Rekognition, Tensor Flow)

Selection of Finalists

Finalists are selected based on: #1/ Relevance to theme #2/ Community engagement (interactive projects) #3/ Repeatability by our volunteers #4/ Usefulness to our camp participants who are building a Smart City and preparing for the WRO.

Selection of Winner

The winning presentation will be made by a scholarship committee within 2 weeks after the last presentation has been made.


“Makersville reserves the right to alter these guidelines as circumstances warrant.”




About Makersville

Makersville is a grass-roots community of Makers.  We plant seeds of learning and water them through a learn-to-share-and-teach approach.

About the Parade of Makers

The Parade of Makers is an opportunity to set a learning goal and to share what you learn.  The parade will be held daily M-F from 4-6PM July 1st through July 26th at Brickersville (A Makersville Community in Shoreline Village Suite 419-Q, Long Beach) and during the day from July 29th – August 2nd at the Multi-National Training Week at California State University, Long Beach.

Parents and community members are also invited to present in the parade.

About the World Robot Olympiad (WRO)

Since 2004, when the WRO was first held in Singapore, the WRO has grown to serve (in 2019) over 70,000 students from over 65 countries.  The WRO has been held in the USA since 2014.  Makersville has hosted the WRO in Long Beach, California since 2015.

The WRO is a robotics competition which presents a number of games that can be participated in by students up to age 25.  There are four competition categories.  The Regular, Open and Football categories are open to students up to age 19.  The Advanced Robotics Challenge is designed for students between the ages of 17 and 25.  For more information, please visit







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Education Level: Elementary/           Middle/                  High School/           College/                Professional

Note: Some applicants will not be eligible for the scholarship, but may still present in the Parade of Makers.


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□ I want to be in the Parade of Makers and am eligible for the scholarship!

□ I am not eligible for the scholarship (outside of age range for scholarship), but would still like to be in the Parade as a presenter to share my Building Block of Knowledge!

APPLICATION QUESTIONS (Please address in your project description:

1.     What is your presentation or project? (If you do not yet have a project, please note: I do not know)


2.     How is your project relevant to the theme of Smart Cities? (If you do not know what the term Smart Cities implies, please note this.)


Please attach a 1-3 page description of your project.  You are encouraged to provide links to posts and videos that demonstrate your project and progress.  Email submit the application via email with the subject line of Parade: <your first/last name>.  For inquiries, please email or call Trish 562-225-9589.

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