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Summer Program 2019

Week at a Time or Take the Entire Program! July 1 – August 3rd! We’re preparing for the World Robot Olympiad, and we want you to join us! We’re hosting students from China, Trinidad and Tobago and the USA! At our Brickersville location! 429 Shoreline Village Drive, Suite 419-Q! For Brickersville …

Caprice Spencer Rothe

Caprice is a director and mask instructor. She also teaches board game design, digital art, animation.

Flex Fridays

Join us for Flex Fridays at DeVry on Friday afternoons, Noon-6PM. You schedule the time, lots of activities for your child.  Awesome!

Ozobot Bit (and Evo)

I’m working through an evaluation of the Ozobot Bit and the Ozobot Evo. I’ve had these for some time (since 2016) and …

Why Does Anyone Blog?

Subscribe to the Makersville Blog! Blogging usually accompanies a message that needs to be delivered.  Or in response to an impetus to …