LBAFOL Summer 2013 Build Challenge Series June/July

Theme: LEGO Brick People

Last day to post, July 19th 2013

To Enter: Post your photos on the Flickr group set up for the contest.  Videos may be used to support the photos on the Flickr site. (please add information in the title.)

LEGO Brick People.  They are not mini-figures, and they do not contain minifig heads, torsos or legs, although hair and accessories may be used.  They are made of LEGO bricks.  They are big or small, but none is greate than 12″x12″x12″.

The theme is very simple and open ended for a reason.  It’s meant to be inclusive, especially for the younger folks.

Additional Prize

There is an additional prize (LEGO River Dragon #8111, just one each month) being awarded for those who can make their project response include at least 10 different types of  bricks on the pick a brick wall video of the month.  Bricks must be matched in both color and shape.  The winner may belong to either category and will be selected by the judges.  Criteria for this winner has not yet been decided, but may include random selection of the top entries.  The video was made from bricks purchased from the Downtown Disney LEGO Store in Anaheim, CA.

All may enter, two categories of contestants.

See the rules for more information.  Good Luck!

All good intentions.  No liability assumed.

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