Micro Build with LEGO Bricks at Great Educational Experiences!

I had the first MicroBuild, which is a bit about geometry, a bit about math and a whole lotta creativity!

The kids learned about scale and perspective then built… for them… for me!

Fun, fun, fun… tired… fun!


“I love Trish’s energy and teaching style. She introduces concepts and challenges and allows the kids plenty of time to come up with their own creations. My daughter can’t wait for the next meeting. Thank you, Trish!”

“It was AWESOME!!! I am so lucky to have Cindy to gather such an enthusiastic group of builders!” (me)

“great!my son was so energized after.”

“My kids absolutely loved this class! They’re looking forward to another Lego class. Thanks Cindy for offering such great classes.”

The Art of Masque & Mardi Gras

Learn the art of Masque performance from professional clown and mime, Caprice Rothe, who also carries the title of “E.T.’s hands”. Youth will make their own custom masks and learn to portray the individual presented by the mask.

Caprice was the movement instructor at the South Coast Repertory for many years and has to her credit many techniques in Mask making.

Read more about Caprice Rothe.

Sewing with Electronics

This is a fun, easy-in way to get your girls to learn electronics and your boys to learn sewing. Includes use of the Arduino Lilypad Protoboard and various lilypad components. Conductive threads, recycled wires will be used. Two computer workstations will be provided. For dedicated workstation, the student must bring his/her laptop. *** NO TAKE HOME ELECTRONICS ***
Session 1 – Using a needle and thread, conductive thread, copper wire, conductivity. Demonstration of Lily Twinkle and lily tiny projects. Diodes, simple circuits.
Session 2 – Use of the Arduino Lilypad
Participants may purchase components at any time during the class series.