Winter 2014-March Events and Registration Form

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DIY Clubs with Learning for Life




 Boys & Girls grades 3rd + welcome!

**Long Beach Sea Base and Aquatics Center**

5875 Appian Way, Long Beach. Everyone welcome!



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 Each month features a presentation by one of the clubs from 1:00-2:00 PM

*^*^*All other club presentations start simultaneously at 2:00 PM*^*^*

Your donation of $10 helps to cover use of space, internet access and equipment and expenses of the clubs

~~Avatar Design and Game Engines~~

With Morio Murase, Caprice Rothe and the Game Development Club

Sunday, March 16th 1-2PM Donation $10 guarantees your access to all of the day’s activities

Learn a bit about Game Engines and see a few game engines and game development environments, including Unity 3D. Then look at a pixel-based design tool that you can use to create your personal avatar and save for later use. This is a general discussion about game development with hands on design play. Many thanks to the following for their help in setting up our computer lab which makes this event possible:,


Club Meetings Sunday, March 16th 2-4 Donation $10 (or register for the 1-4 event)

Tinkering Club with Lowell Dad Burk Murray

Junkbot 102. This month he’s working on a ClawBot to DrawBot conversion and will share his progress.

Minecraft Mob Club with Pack 206 Dad Kerry Stiles

We have a limited number of computer stations, please bring your tablet or laptop.

Timed sessions to enable maximum participation

Main room, starting at 2:00 PM

Cub Scout Minecraft Texture Pack with Troop 14’s Stephan Kaminsky

Stephan Kaminsky will guide a few youth at a time in the creation of a Cub Scout themed Minecraft Texture Pack. It’s a Cub Scout theme, but any interested youth may participate.

Main room, starting at approximately 2:00 PM

Brick Club with Rogers Mom Trish Tsoiasue

LEGO Brick Play: More LEGO Bending

3D Print Club

We will demonstrate printing on the 3D Printer. We get very busy, so please ask if you do not see the printer running!


Sunday April 6th (1st Sunday, 1-4PM)

Long Beach National Robotics Week Celebration

At the Sea Base 5875 Appian Way

Put April 6th on your calendar for a Whopping Big Robot Fun Day!

R2 D2, Wall E, Custom Robots With Names and Custom Robots Without Names

People walking like Robots, Talented Robots that sing and some that try to sing

Brought to you by:

Shared Science

Cultural Alliance of Long Beach

Boy Scouts of America, Long Beach

Robotics Society of Southern California

Great Educational Experiences

KidsTalkRadio and Super School University


April 21st-25th Week-Long Spring Break Camp

Please RSVP by April 7th.

!Cocinamos y Aprendemos! Spanish Culinary Camp for Kids

$159 M-F 9:30-Noon Grades 1-5

Come join us as your youngster plays, sings and cooks their way into learning often-used phrases, songs, verb conjugations, Hispanic art projects and familiar Latin-based recipes. More Info, contact Amy Berger: 562-833-3115


Theater Games with Caprice Rothe

$159 M-F 12:30-3:30 Grades 1-5

Play theater games and the art of movement with movement artist, actress and director Caprice Rothe. Caprice is well known as an alien specialist, helping to choreograph alien movement in the movies E.T. And Cocoon.


Game Design and Development

$159 M-F 9:00-Noon, Grades 4-8

Learn about a variety of game engines and creating scenes and terrains for video games using Construct Me and Unity 3D. Includes interviews with indie game developers working with various game design tools.


Introduction to Electronics

$159 M-F 12:30 – 3:30, Grades 4-8

Perform the exercises from the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit, then do a mini-project which takes the participants through the steps of diagramming, breadboarding, protoboarding and soldering a small finished product. *A SIK will be made available for use during classes.  Participants may purchase a kit at the end of class for an additional cost.


For earliest information, register for the email list at:

Upcoming monthly DIY Clubs dates: May 18 1-4 and June 8th 1-4

Parent Name: Phone:

Child’s Name: Email address:


Class (For Spring Break Camp please return by April 7th)


My Cost

DIY Clubs Meeting Suggested donation: $10


Spanish Culinary Camp for Kids M-F 9:30 – Noon


Theater Games with Caprice Rothe M-F 12:30 – 3:30 PM


Game Design and Development with Morio Murase and Caprice Rothe 9 – Noon


Introduction to Electronics with Trish Tsoiasue and Morio Murase 12:30 – 3:30 PM


Total Enclosed:

Photos of your child may be used for media, promotional or community building purposes unless No is circled here: *** NO *** I do not wish photos of my child to be used.

Parent’s Signature: ________________________________

Checks should be made payable to Long Beach BSA for A/C 1680134420 and mailed or hand delivered to: 401 E. 37th Street, Long Beach, CA 90807.

Credit card payment call 562-427-0911 x230. More info, call Trish 562-225-9589 or email


Maker Camp Week 2 Schedule

We will be hosting Maker Camp Week 2 at the Cultural Alliance (727 Pine Street in Long Beach) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, Thursday will be from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Friday will be from 11:00 to noon.

No need to register in advance.  We will have one or two demonstration models, but please bring supplies for your child (see below), if you want to ensure small groups.  $5.00 donation for facilities suggested.


Wind Triggered Lantern


Squishy Circuits

Simple LightUp Hoodie


No materials needed.  Virtual Field Trip.


Maker Camp Week 1 Starts July 8th


We will be hosting Maker Camp Week I at the Cultural Alliance (727 Pine Street in Long Beach) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Friday will be from 11:00 to noon.

No need to register in advance.  We will have one or two demonstration models, but please bring supplies for your child (see below), if you want to ensure small groups.  $5.00 donation for facilities suggested.





Dremel Rotary Tool cut-off wheel, 180- and 280-grit abrasive buffs, aluminum oxide grinding stone, and 1/8″ drill bit
Aluminum 16oz. beverage bottle
Hose clamps (2)
Plastic gift card (depleted)
#8 screw (1) with nuts (2) and washer (1)
Pop rivet gun with 1/8″ short aluminum rivets
Permanent marker
Masking tape
Dust mask
Safety goggles


No materials needed.  Virtual Field Trip.


Sewing (Softies) with Electronics

We had the first session of Sewing with Electronics.
Covered a lot of possibilities, then decided to make a sock softie with LED eyes.
Today we were trying out the 4 ply conductive thread from SparkFun. So cool!
It feels like a chain, it’s so thicccckkkk!
Two LEDs in parallel are nicely supported by a single 3V battery.

Finished the project, here’s the video!

Adult Fans of LEGO

Did you play with LEGO as a kid, and never grew up?
Perhaps you are intrigued by technics and Mindstorms?
Whatever your interest, bring it to the Adult Fans of LEGO meeting.
Adults may be accompanied by children, but only if they are able to establish themselves as guardians.

6:30-8:00, 4th Wednesdays,

Cultural Alliance Long Beach

727 Pine Street, Long Beach, ca

The Art of Masque & Mardi Gras

Learn the art of Masque performance from professional clown and mime, Caprice Rothe, who also carries the title of “E.T.’s hands”. Youth will make their own custom masks and learn to portray the individual presented by the mask.

Caprice was the movement instructor at the South Coast Repertory for many years and has to her credit many techniques in Mask making.

Read more about Caprice Rothe.

Sewing with Electronics

This is a fun, easy-in way to get your girls to learn electronics and your boys to learn sewing. Includes use of the Arduino Lilypad Protoboard and various lilypad components. Conductive threads, recycled wires will be used. Two computer workstations will be provided. For dedicated workstation, the student must bring his/her laptop. *** NO TAKE HOME ELECTRONICS ***
Session 1 – Using a needle and thread, conductive thread, copper wire, conductivity. Demonstration of Lily Twinkle and lily tiny projects. Diodes, simple circuits.
Session 2 – Use of the Arduino Lilypad
Participants may purchase components at any time during the class series.

One Gazillion Dominoes

As I work through the content for the spring, I really want to do some Rube Goldberg activities.

Now, those of you who were in the first Rube Goldberg project series will know that Dominoes are a key part of Rube Goldberg activities.

So Domino-Knock-Down we will do. Just not yet.


So I will try for the fall, but if you have dominoes, please let me know!