Sewing (Softies) with Electronics

We had the first session of Sewing with Electronics.
Covered a lot of possibilities, then decided to make a sock softie with LED eyes.
Today we were trying out the 4 ply conductive thread from SparkFun. So cool!
It feels like a chain, it’s so thicccckkkk!
Two LEDs in parallel are nicely supported by a single 3V battery.

Finished the project, here’s the video!

Gadgets and Solder Sunday – January

What a great day!  We had some great kids (and grownups) sharing some cool stuff!

James shared the Blink program of the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit.

Alex shared his Mindstorms brick, powered by household electricity implementing an automatic fish feeder.

Lexi shared her many unique T-Shirts that she had made!

The GICE Squadron volunteers had a great time soldering, too!

it was soooo cold, that the soldering irons were cooling before the solder could melt…. eek!

So much fun!  Thanks everyone for coming!

Adult Fans of LEGO Club Starting… Now!

Love LEGO?  Want to learn more about design and engineering with LEGO?  Regardless of your focus, come on in and learn with us.  This is a collaborative LEGO learning club for those who are or want to be inspired!

Meetings will be held monthly at the Cultural Alliance Long Beach, 727 Pine Street,Long Beach, CA 90803

Adult Fans of LEGO

Did you play with LEGO as a kid, and never grew up?
Perhaps you are intrigued by technics and Mindstorms?
Whatever your interest, bring it to the Adult Fans of LEGO meeting.
Adults may be accompanied by children, but only if they are able to establish themselves as guardians.

6:30-8:00, 4th Wednesdays,

Cultural Alliance Long Beach

727 Pine Street, Long Beach, ca