The Pike Stories


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Our Pike Stories Champion is Trish Tsoiasue.

We use the Wikipedia entry for The Pike heavily for our source of information in this narrative.

In the early 1900s, Long Beach was the premier destination for Los Angelenos wanting to get away from the summer heat. First the visitors and tourists came by horse and buggy, then by the Pacific Electric Railway “Red Car”, then by automobile. However they came, they came.

Our Project, The Pike Stories celebrates the historic Long Beach Pike, and the role of the Pike and other amusement zones like it. Coney Island was one of these.

These amusement zones preceded amusement parks. They were the place that ride designers, engineers and craftspersons could try out their ideas.  Some of the rides on the Long Beach Pike existed only at the Pike. 

We are creating activities to engage the youth of today in the memory of the Pike yesterday, and working to create new memories and new activities to celebrate the Pike today and create the Pike of tomorrow.  We call it: The Pike Stories.

The Nu Pike Encyclopaedia of Amusements. According to Wikipedia there were 218 activities on the Long Beach Pike. We challenge ourselves (and those who choose to engage) to document and share these amusements through creation of a progressive activity comic book.  

The Pike Stories Comic Book. We are collaborating with comic book creator and publisher Mike Wellman of Atomic Basement Comics to create a new brand, Atomic Basement Comics – Kids, and a comic book series about the amusements and people of the pike, even as we create new characters and stories in our comics.

The Long Beach Pike As A LEGO Great Ball Contraption. We are building mechanical models that invite the telling of the stories about those amusements at the Pike.


The Amusement Zone in Minecraft. We are building rides in Minecraft and taking the opportunity to engage the builders in stories about the historic Pike.

The Amusement Zone Documentaries. We will have the students do research and create mini-videos that share information about their findings.

The Makerspace By The Sea. We celebrate the historic Spit and Argue Club, and later the University by the Sea with a new version, The Makerspace By The Sea. We are working to develop entrepeneurship and leadership skills (speaking skills) as our makers create, share what they make and gain skills and confidence.



The Makersville General Store. Situated at a kiosk in Shoreline Village, the Makersville General Store supports a small community of sewists (people who sew) and brickers (people who engage through LEGO Bricks). In the future, we envision a multi-kiosk environment, where each kiosk can provide access to a different set of tools and equipment, and support a different part of The Pike Stories project.  

To learn more about and/or participate in The Pike Stories, join a club or class, or visit our kiosk, call us or email!