The Pike Stories

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Pike Stories is a discovery based learning project to engage youth and adults in exploring history as they write books for publication, make videos for posting on our and their own social media, and do STEAM learning projects based on amusements.

It explores the rich history of amusements, starting with the historic Long Beach Pike and the inventors and creatives that lived, worked and played at the Pike. It is evolving quickly to be the Historic Long Beach project, as we engage with more individuals, and as they have stories to share. It is further evolving to be a project on Amusement Zones in the world, as we engage with individuals who share stories of Great Yarmouth in the U.K., and hopefully of other amusement zones like the historic Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.


The project accomplishments are many, but we will focus on major accomplishments.

Long Beach Pike in the 30s and 40s. Written by Paul Miranda who was born in 1928, and lived, worked and played on the historic Long Beach Pike. Paul shares his memories with us.