Custom Work / Event Budget Guidelines

These guidelines are used to create our budgets. They are provided to you as a courtesy, and are subject to adjustment depending upon your specific situation.  Makersville reserves the right to refuse service to any customer(s).

  • We have a minimum rate that we charge, starting at $30/hr for a seasoned Maker over 21.  This rate provides us with the ability to offer a stipend as a token of appreciation to our Makers.  It may be as low as 1/4 of the usual rate of a Maker and depends on the availability and goodwill of our Makers.  If you would like to have an appearance by a specific Maker, please discuss with us privately about rates.
  • Youth Makers are billed at $17/hr.  This rate provides us with the ability to offer a minimum wage job to our high school and college aged makers.
  • Onsite programs incur hourly rates for use of space.
  • Offsite programs incur additional time for travel with a minimum 1/2 hour add-on.
  • Specially designed programs may incur additional costs for project design, use of equipment and materials purchases.

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