Partner With Us

Makersville has a number of ways you can partner with us, and help us to serve youth.  We are working to create paid work for our high school and college aged students and their Maker mentors and to pay for our space, materials and equipment.  When you work with us, you provide us with the opportunity to create work and you help to support our infrastructure.

All our programs are based on the requirement that there be two trained and screened adults available to support the youth in the program.

Some of our programs (e.g. Fundraisers) may be undertaken as exploratory entrepreneurial events with a variable outcome for the supporting Seasoned and Youth Makers.

For service based projects/programs we create a budget based upon a number of guidelines.  See the Budget Guidelines page for more information on how we cost our fee-for-service programs.

#1/ Host a themed fundraising Makerspace day with our makers.

#2/ Have us create a Maker day at your company, school, other location or the Sea Base.

#3/ Have us design a project, projects, classes or activities for your school, party or other event.

#4/ Hire us to test your toy(s) or game(s) or sponsor a test day at the Sea Base.

#5/ Sponsor our use of space and anchor time for our seasoned and committed Makers.


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