P2S: A Most Awesome Take Your Child to Work Day!

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Sometimes, I wish I was a child again. Then maybe my Dad would take me to work with him.  I guess I should say that I did sometimes go to my father’s office at the General Hospital in San Fernando, Trinidad. Dad was an Anaestheologist. Anesthetist, as we say here in the U.S. We would check his mail. I don’t remember being very excited by the fancy environment, probably because it wasn’t. We didn’t do any rounds or other patient visits. Just the mail and the office.

Today, the P2S Engineering group visited the Club Ten Makerspace at the Sea Base as a day out for the kids.

Thermofax, LEGO Raffles for awesome Mixels, door prizes (literally-we gave away LEGO doors), EV3 Robotics play, the 3D Printer and my favorite… Walking Creatures.

I’ll spend some time sharing about the Walking Robots activity, because Morio Murase has taken it to way beyond what I did. He designed a mechanism, we kitted 27 kits, and he modeled it in LDraw. We’re thinking this is so awesome, we should kit it and share it on Etsy (doesn’t everyone think this at some time?)  We all agreed that it was a good thing that I spend so much time shopping on Bricklink, the LEGO Education website and, of course, LEGO.com.  We had enough parts for all the kits we were trying to make!

Here are some photos from this most awesome event! If you are interested in scheduling your own event at one of the Club Ten locations, please contact info@makersville.net!