Homeschool Outreach

We start with your child’s interest and explore a myriad of related and unrelated subjects in fabrication, science, engineering, technology, mathematics and art. Play and interest based learning empowers students with hands on experience  as the learn to use technical tools as well as multi-media production tools and techniques.

Students actualize their vision through open ended projects and explorations in comic book making, digital game design, board game design, video making, creative and technical LEGO play, contraptions, kitchen science through cooking, fossils, crystals and more! We focus largely on elementary and high school, but all are welcome.

Makerspace Classes for Home Schoolers in Long Beach
Contact Trish Tsoiasue (562)225-9589

See store for currently scheduled classes and locations.

Check out our Makerspace/Small Group Tutoring/Coaching for one or more 4-session or 10-session weekly series.  Special times may be arranged for small groups of 4 or more.

Please look for ETES Inc. dba Makersville, or Makersville in your vendor lists. We are pleased to have been confirmed as vendors for the following home school charters:

Excel Academy



Sky Mountain

Summit Academy

If you belong to another charter, please request the class from your Education Specialist and we will request vendor status.

*Homeschool POs should be submitted two weeks before class begins to ensure processing.  The vendor is ETES Inc, dba Makersville.