About Us

What is Makersville?

Makersville is a continuously evolving grassroots community that empowers all in its circle through sharing of information, tools, equipment, effort and space.  We substantially invoke the methods and principles of the Maker Movement and are beginning to invoke the methods of the Creative Problem Solving Institute, the mother organization that began the study of creativity over 50 years ago.

Locations Where You Might Find Us

Makersville may be found in multiple locations at the same time.  Please consult our store front to see where we are at any one time.

Some of our regular locations

During the school year, our primary location is the Long Beach Sea Base (5875 E Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90803), run by the Long Beach Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

During the summer we may be found at a variety of locations.

We are constantly seeking to grow into new locations.  If your school or facility would like to offer our services to your community, please contact info at makersville.net with your request.

Our Services

We provide classes, organize events and summer activities.  Our Makers are available to bring an activity to your space in a “pop-up makerspace” style.  Our Makers and equipment move to locations as needed and mostly convenient.

Makersville is a product of ETES Inc.  We seek out non profits with which we can partner.  If your non profit is interesting in having us create a program for your non profit, please feel free to contact us.


Our Club Ten space is equipped with a Full Spectrum laser cutter, a DeezMaker BukoBot 3D printer (early model), computers, sewing machines, soldering irons and lightweight power tools, hand tools.  We have several electronics kits for play, as well as SparkFun Inventors’ Kits and new and classic games.  WeDo robotics, LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 are included in our offerings.


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