Easy, Inexpensive DIY Drop Spindle

With a few dowels, some O-Rings, a rubber band, a metal hook and two old CDs, you can have your very own drop spindle!

Our Club Ten fiber club (Sea Base location) is run by Kathi Reyes. Kathi is an internationally known natural dye artist. She is an experienced drop and wheel spinner.

Kathi demonstrated to us how to make a drop spindle out of CDs a couple of weeks ago.

The instructions are detailed in the video:

Robots: Lifelike Arthur Robot by Hanson Robotics

I am no expert on Autism.  All information herein was taken from the lecture on 1/10/15 at the Robotics Society of Southern California meeting, recorded in the videos linked to at the bottom of this post.

Hanson Robotics visualizes a world where robots can help to care for Autistic children.  Current treatment for Autism recommends that a child be with a trained therapist for 40 hours a week for 2 years.  Doing this will greatly increase the capabilities of the child and possibly alleviate the need for care for the rest of his/her life.

That makes it worthwhile to invest in a high end, emotion-expressive robot with lifelike face and skin texture.  The skin is made possible through a new, patented material called Frubber (not Flubber, the subject of a Robin Willams, Walt Disney movie).  I touched it, and it is smooth, a little cool to the touch.

It is a very niche market, and Hanson Robotics is poised for it.

As CEO Jong Lee informed us, there will be an unveiling of their new competitor product to the NAO robot which is currently being used for Autism research (among other types of research) at a convention in Germany this week.  Under 10K it will be more expressive, and one would imagine also very frubbery.

Looking forward to new toys!


Club members Thomas Messerschmitt (Riverside Robotics Club), Bob Barboza (Kidz Talk radio), Walter Martinez (Robotics ++, Robotics City), Trish Tsoiasue (Handmade Penguin, Makersville) and Hanson Robotics CEO Jong Lee.

See You at the Uptown Market, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th Dec!

We’ve been sewing and crafting up a storm, Thermofaxing too!  See you all at the Uptown Market with an eclectic assortment of goodies for sale!

Caprice’s Hapi Coats

Sillhouette cut Christmas Cards

Individually created LEGO Christmas Trees (built to suit!)

Handmade Placemats

Hand crafted tea towels

A family of reindeer, similar but distinctively unique!

Holiday crackers…



Long Beach Sea Base Open House

Join us at the Sea Base Saturday October 18th!

The Long Beach BSA

& Learning for Life Unit 1010

invites you to join the

First Annual

Trick-Or-Treat & Pumpkin Count

at the

Sea Base Open House!

Long Beach Sea Base, 5875 E. Appian Way, 90803

(In Naples Under the 2nd Street Bridge)

Saturday, October 18th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

  1. (Bring a Sack Lunch or $$ for BBQ Lunch)

We’re rolling out the orange carpet… for you!

Earn Your Tricks and Treats and Count Pumpkins… While You…

Participate in Lots of cool activities for Kids and Parents!

Boys and Girls All Ages Invited, especially Grades K-12!

  • International Ham Radio Conference
  • International Language Specific Internet Chat
  • Learn the Origin of the Term Scuttlebutt (Then see what the Sea Scouts do with it!)
  • Join a Club! What’s Your Interest?


Search and Rescue . Law Enforcement . Old #9 (Fire Boat)

Animal Control . Sea Scouts

Introducing: Club Ten (1010)

Career . Entrepreneurship . Costumes

Toys . Games Design . Video Games . Crafting . LEGO

Long Beach LEGO User Group

Engineering Club (starts 2015)

Shared Science

Robotics Society of Southern California

International Club (starts 2015)

Academic Languages and Learning

Great Educational Experiences

  1. But Wait… THERE’S MORE! (See other side for other special activities)


Scour Your Attic and Garage



  1. The Long Beach LEGO User Group is helping non profit groups (CALB, Shared Science, Long Beach BSA) in Long Beach gather LEGO for their outreach programs. Rescue your LEGO to play with new kids! Bring your used LEGO for a chance to win a special Astronaut minifig!


  1. And While You’re At It…

  2. We’re sewing and costuming!

  3. Hammering and drilling!

  4. Cutting and Sawing!

  5. Bring Fabric and Trim, Hand Tools, Art & Craft Supplies


#1/ Volunteer! Email or call Trish Tsoiasue (562)-225-9589 HandmadePenguin@yahoo.com

#2/ Got prizes for the Raffle and end-of-hunt table? Drop off Tuesday/Thursday/Friday or bring them to the base when you come!