Can I Make Things Move?

Explore problems and techniques encountered when attempting to make things move. A variety of materials will be used. Each of 4 sessions will introduce a 15 minute topic followed by individual constructive play.
Start any day, different projects each day.

Can I Make Things Move? Jurassic Park Mechanism

For these sessions, participants will be provided with mechanisms that were used to open and close the gates on a Jurassic Park advertisement.  (motorized with cam/linkage) They will create a take home project of their own design.

Day 1: Kids will talk a bit about battery types and formats and change the form factor for the battery supply.

Day 2: Hack a power supply to power the mechanism.

Day 3: try to figure out how the mechanism worked.

Day 4: They will then visualize an action that they can use this linkage to perform.

Can I Make Things Move? Olde Fashioned Machines

For these sessions, participants will be building scenes that use motors, pulleys, gears in their very own action scene.  They will create a take home project of their own design.

Day 1: Videos for inspiration, parts list, simple machines, brainstorming.

Day 2: Independent project working time.

Day 3: Independent project working time.

Day 4: Project working time and group show.

Can I Make Things Move? LEGO machines

For these sessions, participants will be using LEGO in various problems presented to he group.  They will create a take home project of their own design ***on the last day only.***

Day 1: Wheelies

Day 2: What’s in the box.

Day 3: Stage Movements

Day 4: Building up.  Free play with parts.

Experiments in Conductivity

2nd through 5th grades.

Use a Multi Meter while exploring experiments in conductivity.Participants will learn the continuity test feature of the multi meter, and build their own personalized continuity test board (including tricks as they see fit). Conductivity of various new and unusual materials, as well as familiar foods and materials.


LED Pop Up Greeting Cards

LED Pop-up Greeting Cards

Simple Circuit LED Pop-Up greeting card or Series & Parallel circuit LED Pop-Up greeting. Participants will learn about conductivity and be exposed to multiple novel conductive materials. They will discuss the circuits being implemented to make and decorate their projects. They will learn the basic features of a multi-meter and do resistance tests.

English Christmas Crackers

English Christmas crackers are a must have at your Christmas or New Years’ holiday celebration!

One Gazillion Dominoes

As I work through the content for the spring, I really want to do some Rube Goldberg activities.

Now, those of you who were in the first Rube Goldberg project series will know that Dominoes are a key part of Rube Goldberg activities.

So Domino-Knock-Down we will do. Just not yet.


So I will try for the fall, but if you have dominoes, please let me know!

Shoppe now open!

Welcome to the Makersville community, where we are linked both physically (by meeting face to face, as family, through each other) and virtually, through this site.

The makers in the community are known to the maker community leaders. Right now, there is only one community leader, but I hope in the future we can add more.

And, the Shoppe is now open! If you find kinks and issues, please understand that this is part of growth and we are here to support each other.

Order through the shoppe because you are supporting the physical community, the bringing of events to your location, when you do.

Thanks for listening!
Handmade Penguin


Welcome to Makersville, USA.

Here at Makersville we try to find the creatives in our communities, be it a city, town or village in the good old U. S. of A.

Each city has makers in it.  They may choose to be very vocal about their making, or they may quietly make things and give or store them away.

It’s starting with Makersville, Long Beach, CA, USA, but it won’t stop there.  At least I hope not.