Adult Fans of LEGO Club Starting… Now!

Love LEGO?  Want to learn more about design and engineering with LEGO?  Regardless of your focus, come on in and learn with us.  This is a collaborative LEGO learning club for those who are or want to be inspired!

Meetings will be held monthly at the Cultural Alliance Long Beach, 727 Pine Street,Long Beach, CA 90803

Adult Fans of LEGO

Did you play with LEGO as a kid, and never grew up?
Perhaps you are intrigued by technics and Mindstorms?
Whatever your interest, bring it to the Adult Fans of LEGO meeting.
Adults may be accompanied by children, but only if they are able to establish themselves as guardians.

6:30-8:00, 4th Wednesdays,

Cultural Alliance Long Beach

727 Pine Street, Long Beach, ca

The Art of Masque & Mardi Gras

Learn the art of Masque performance from professional clown and mime, Caprice Rothe, who also carries the title of “E.T.’s hands”. Youth will make their own custom masks and learn to portray the individual presented by the mask.

Caprice was the movement instructor at the South Coast Repertory for many years and has to her credit many techniques in Mask making.

Read more about Caprice Rothe.

Sewing with Electronics

This is a fun, easy-in way to get your girls to learn electronics and your boys to learn sewing. Includes use of the Arduino Lilypad Protoboard and various lilypad components. Conductive threads, recycled wires will be used. Two computer workstations will be provided. For dedicated workstation, the student must bring his/her laptop. *** NO TAKE HOME ELECTRONICS ***
Session 1 – Using a needle and thread, conductive thread, copper wire, conductivity. Demonstration of Lily Twinkle and lily tiny projects. Diodes, simple circuits.
Session 2 – Use of the Arduino Lilypad
Participants may purchase components at any time during the class series.

Practical Electronics for Beginners

This is a practical, hands-on, lightweight approach to learning electronics.
Participants will use an Aduino board in simple circuits and program behaviors using models in Processing, a language similar to the C programming language. They will implement logical instructions that create electrical responses and subsequent visual physical responses. **This is not a comprehensive C programming class.**

Simple, single component circuits will be assembled and programmed, providing a foundation for other exploration.

Section 1: 1/ Simple LEDs – Digital and analog output. 2/Button presses.
Section 2: 3/ Programming a light sensor 4/ Motors or Variable Resistors

***Must bring own laptop*** Limited # of shared laptops available. Limited Capacity
Note: Participants will have access to the SparkFun Inventors Kits during class as well as tools and test equipment. A personal Kit may be purchased anytime for an additional cost.