A Typical Club Ten Day?

It seems that some days there are so many things going on in our space at the same time.

Today seems to have outdone them all.

John Willauer was taking inventory of the electronics goodies for the program he will build.  His very loving and patient wife accompanied him.

Morio Murase was running an Intro to Programming class.

Michelle Liu was there to prep for her High Functioning Autism Social Skills Family Support LEGO Play Group.

Leo was there to share with Sharon Moore and discuss what projects could be done for the Digital 3D club that we are working on for the summer… especially how we could integrate LEGO(r) minifigs into the effort.

James Banks was there to share with us, talk about LDraw, EV3, events, competitions, including the upcoming International Children’s Day…!

Lovely, lovely photos to follow!

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