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Teens Summer Spanish Intensive 2014

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Summer Break Activities

Learning for Life – For Boys & Girls grades 1st +!

Summer Break Activities

All classes will be at the ** Long Beach Sea Base and Aquatics Center ** 5875 Appian Way, Long Beach. **







July 21st to 25th

Game Design

& Merit Badge

6-8:30 PM

July 28th to Aug 1st

Game Design

& Merit Badge

6-8:30 PM

Aug 4th – 8th

Game Design

& Merit Badge

6-8:30 PM

Aug 11th – 15th

Game Design

& Merit Badge

6-8:30 PM

Aug 18th – 22nd AM

Week long Game Design & Merit Badge 9 – 11:45

Aug 18th – 22nd PM

Karakuri (Paper Automata) & Electronic Moving Displays 1 – 3:30

Aug 18th,19th All day

3D Photography & Video

9 AM – 3 PM

Aug 18th – 20th AM

Radical Robotics VEX One (Shared Science) 9:15 – 11:15

Aug 18th – 21st AM

Leonardo Says Duh! (Shared Science) 9:15 – Noon

Aug 25th – 29th AM

2D Computer Based Game Development with Unity 9-11:45

Aug 25th – 29th PM

Computer Game Lab 1 – 3:30

Sep 2nd All Day

DIY Club 9AM – 3:30PM

Summer Break Activities(See class descriptions for age restrictions)

Summer Evening Game Design Club and Merit Badge Grades 3+ $109 4 Tuesdays July 22nd , 29th, August 5th, 12th Class 6-8:30 PM. Learn about design of games: dice, board, card games and discuss game engines. Includes a preliminary look at game engines. Note: This is not a computer based game development class. It is intended to take the youth through the thought processes involved in designing a game. Participants who are Boy Scouts will make progress towards the Game Design Merit Badge.

LEONARDO SAYS DUH! With Shared Science Grades 1-5 $125 August 18-21, Monday-Thursday, 9:15 a.m. – noon. Constructors explore Da Vinci contraptions, using cues from nature to guide builds for walking, flying, rolling and more! A LEGO Brick-Plus class, with LEGO as well as other fun build activities.

Radical Robotics VEX One With Shared Science Grades 4-8 $125 August 18-20, Monday-Wednesday, 9:15a.m. – 11:15a.m. Programming basics with VEX hardware robots and RobotC.

Game Design and Merit Badge Grades 3+ $159 August 18th – 22nd 9 AM – 11:45 AM. See description for Summer Evening Game Design Club and Merit Badge.

Karakuri (Paper Automata) and Electronic Moving Displays Grades 3+ $159 August 18th – 22nd 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Two PMs working on kinetic paper sculptures, then learn just enough about electricity and electronics to make kinetic creations. Work on something to take home and learn skills to get started on your Halloween costume and moving display. Perform exercises with LEDs, buzzers, motors & sensors using the Arduino, then put it all into play in your own lit up and/or motorized creation. Includes take home Arduino, servo motor and other electronic components & use of a Sparkfun Electronics Kit during classes.

3D Photography and Video Editing Grades 3+ Price $109 August 18th & 19th (to be confirmed) 9 AM – 3 PM. Work with 3D photographer and author Barry Rothstein who will share techniques in 3D photography in these two full days of 3D then learn how to edit the photos to make awesome pop up phantograms and 3D video sequences.

2D Game Development with Unity Grades 3+ $159 August 25th – 29th 9 AM – 11:45 AM. Computer based 2D game development with the Unity engine. Participants who are Boy Scouts will make progress towards the Game Design Merit Badge

Game Lab Grades 3+ $60 August 25th – 28th (4 days) 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM. Self-driven open lab time if you have taken the Game Design or Game Development classes with us. Work on your game design, your game characters or your game in Unity during this mentored community time. *Instructor presence is at their discretion.

Just added: DIY Club All Day $45 September 2nd 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM. $45. Includes equipment and materials.(Facility opens 8:30 and closes at 4:00 unless additional hours are requested.)
We’ll work with LEGO Techniques, build the American Flag in LEGO Bricks, talk about Eagles, learn how to make a Minecraft skin, and yes, even play Minecraft!  A little…

American Quilt in LEGO Bricks

DSC04120Our big project with the Long Beach LEGO User Group was to build a 4′ x 8′ quilt in LEGO bricks!  We accumulated a lot of red white and blue plates and tiles, and built ourselves an American flag! The activity was participated in by hundreds from April through July 4th, 2014!

DSC04115 DSC02378 DSC02380 DSC02382 DSC02386 DSC02389 DSC02390 DSC02391 DSC02394 DSC02397 DSC02400 DSC02403 DSC02405 DSC02409 DSC02410 DSC02411 DSC02412 DSC02421 DSC02424 DSC02433 DSC02435 DSC02436 DSC02440 DSC02441 DSC02442 DSC02444 DSC02445 DSC02446 DSC02483 DSC02484DSC02617 DSC02623 DSC02625 DSC02628 DSC02632 DSC02634 DSC02635 DSC02636 DSC02638 DSC02640 DSC02641 DSC02642 DSC02643 DSC02647 DSC02649 DSC02651 DSC02652 DSC02653 DSC02655 DSC02656 DSC02657 DSC02658 DSC02659 DSC02660